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Talk: Preaching to the choir? Science communication and the audiences not reached

I spoke at the Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference 2020+1 (PCST 2020+1) about not reached audiences in science communication. In the five-minute Insight Talk, I present the results from the project Science for All . The focus is on the typology of exclusion factors we have developed and the qualitative and quantitative data that underpins it.

The quantitative data are based on an analysis of the representative survey on societal attitudes and opinions on science “Wissenschaftsbarometer” in Germany. The qualitative data stem from interviews with three underrepresented audiences, which have been chosen as exemplary case studies: Muslim youths with a migration background, socially disadvantaged people in marginalized neighbourhoods and students in a vocational school. Both types of data show the impact of the factors and make the exclusion effects visible.

The talk can be watched on YouTube :